We’re Celebrating 10 Years of Successful Business

Here at FullCity Consulting we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this month. With the creation of a third FileMaker user group and FileMaker’s launch of an exciting new mobile database application that is revving things up, we are moving forward into the next ten years with enthusiasm.

In 2000 I founded FullCity Consulting wanting to help people make their job more efficient and allow them to do things they never thought were possible. It’s on this principle that FullCity still operates today – every employee here has a passion for creating FileMaker solutions to meet our clients’ needs. No matter if it’s our biggest customer – a banking institution or a small local online e-commerce business – it’s seeing how these people make their businesses better with FileMaker that drives us.

We now boast a dedicated team of five employees that are all at the top of their field. In 2005 we began facilitating regional user groups to create a community where ideas can be freely exchanged and a local forum for FileMaker to come and speak to their customers including developers and users. This month the third user group launches – the Central New York FileMaker Developer Group based in Syracuse, NY. Additionally, in 2007 FullCity Consulting was awarded platinum level FileMaker Business Alliance status – meaning we are one of the top 40 FileMaker consulting companies worldwide. That same year we were awarded Business Partner of the Year for America by FileMaker.

Throughout the last decade software has been developed to include remote tools for interaction of work groups and applications that make businesses more efficient. These remote tools have allowed us to support clients anywhere, from China to the Hudson Valley of New York where our primary office is located. Face to face time is still so important and we still travel to our customers to meet and talk through their situations, but it’s the day-to-day, hands-on work that has been revolutionized with new remote tools. In fact, half of our team is remote – technology and infrastructure allows us to be in many places in one day.

Also in recent years, the economical shift has had an impact on the consulting business. The need for businesses to be more efficient and get a larger ROI from their FileMaker solutions becomes more important than ever during tough economic times, and the FullCity team does just that. The ability for people to make small investments with large results has become a high priority in the last few years for us. As a business database tool, FileMaker hands down gets the best results with a smaller development investment.

Moving forward our team is always investigating new tools to utilize for their clients and we are keen on seeing how mobile devices will continue to evolve. The new FileMaker Go application for the iPad and iPhone is the latest and greatest to hit the market. It’s arguably the killer app on the iPad because it’s a business database application that allows you to take all of your data with you through a live data connection. Seeing how this ubiquitous access to data via mobile devices is going to change how our customers are using their data is completely exciting, uncharted land.

Everyone here believes in what they are doing and we hope to carry that energy into the next ten years of business. It’s as much my staff’s success as it is mine that we have made it this far. With FileMaker development stronger than ever we are excited to see what’s next.

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