Snap2FM FileMaker Scanning Solution
Snap your Documents into FileMaker

Snap2FM is a “helper app” (and sample FileMaker file) for direct scanning of documents into your FileMaker database. It is cross-platform and compatible with Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners that use the ScanSnap Manager.

Second only to the rise of mobile technology, document management and scanning is probably the most fast-paced, growing sector of our business technology. Everyone wants to go paperless and scan documents.

So, when the brains at FullCity Consulting conjured up this simple solution we believed we had something great on our hands. And as with so much greatness in the FileMaker community we decided to follow others’ lead. To give back! To share it! And we are… For free. No catch! All it will “cost” you is your email address. And feel free to give us your real email address because that’s where we’ll send the download link. Also, we may want to send you some FileMaker or Snap2FM related news in the future. We promise not to spam you or sell you out. It’s plain old bad karma. We get it.

We’re offering Snap2FM “as-is”. We think that the code is documented just enough but as professional FileMaker consultants we acknowledge we could be biased. In order to answer some of the frequently asked questions we receive we’ve added a FAQ page. Between the sample files, internal documentation and FAQ we hope you have enough to get started.

Of course, if you are interested in us helping you integrate Snap2FM into your FileMaker workflow we have a Snap2FM Integration Packages available. Typically these come in two, four or eight hour packages at USD $200 per hour. Give us a call at 845-447-3400 or email us at to discuss.

Save time, streamline your workflow, and bypass the typical multi-step process of scanning and storing your documents with Snap2FM.

With some basic FileMaker concepts in your pocket Snap2FM will integrate easily with your FileMaker database.

One of our current customers, GCG Risk Management, is really excited to upgrade to FileMaker 12 and, as soon as it’s available, they want Snap2FM so that they can scan their claim forms and background documentation for their insurance claim management work for the New York State Insurance Fund.

“Large scale document scanning solutions for a business of our size were out of our reach. Now with Snap2FM, it’s much more feasible and we’re ecstatic that it integrates with FileMaker, a solution that we run our business on.”

– Bill Donato, Regional Manager at GCG Risk Management

Our team set-up a referral form scanning solution for Chelsea Ears, Nose & Throat previously within FileMaker, but Snap2FM should enhance this process for them.

“For 12 years, we’ve been running our practice on a solution and EMR built in FileMaker by FullCity Consulting. The transition to Filemaker 12 along with Snap2FM is going to demystify and simplify our document management process. These days, efficiency is paramount in a medical office.”

– William M. Portnoy, MD, FACS., Chelsea Ear, Nose & Throat

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*Please Note: Snap2FM requires FileMaker 12 or higher