At FullCity, we encourage and embrace consistent communication.

We may use data mining, algorithms and statistical approaches to solve data related issues, however, we rely on down-to-earth communication skills to make sure you get the results you seek. Our team works in tandem with your team, becoming a key resource for your organization.

FileMaker Web Integration

Grant direct access to your FileMaker data from remote locations. We integrate your FileMaker application with your existing website or custom smart phone applications using PHP, CSS, XHTML, XML, JavaScript and AJAX. Seamless, secure and convenient use of your data from anywhere.

FileMaker Database Design and Development

Utilizing your input, we design a database that is tailored to your business. It will not only fit your current needs, but will have the capability to grow with you and serve future needs. We create the entire database, including the internal software and an interface which allows you to add functionality as you need it. We integrate the database so it fits your applications. The result is an extremely user-friendly system for you and your staff.

Workflow Analysis and Consulting

In order to help you, we assess the situation and propose the best solution. The best way to do that is to begin by asking, listening and learning. We take a no-nonsense approach. We probe deep so that we understand not only your immediate needs, but also your entire business workflow. We want to know the product and services you provide, your goals, how you work, the processes you use, your target market and what sets you apart. This information gives us a true understanding of your business so that we can create a solution with maximum results.

Consulting and Training

FullCity Consulting works with your team to optimize the use of your custom FileMaker solution, maximizing your workflow process. Full on-site training for your in-house technology group can include how to properly install, optimize, back-up and configure your FileMaker server; training on the use and integration of third-party technologies; as well as training in scripting and reporting. All developed according to the needs of your organization.

Our Expertise
Developing flexible, adaptable FileMaker solutions from start to finish.Working with in-house developers to increase an existing system’s functionality.Adding new functionality and features to meet your evolving business needs.Integrating FileMaker with other technologies and database platforms.

What’s In Our Toolbox?
FileMaker family of products delivers scalable and flexible applications to your desktop, web browser or smart phone.PHP pushes the dynamic data through a web browser, directly interfacing to your FileMaker Server via FileMaker’s PHP API.Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle all connect to FileMaker using FileMaker’s ESS (External SQL Sources).