FullCity Consulting Named FileMaker’s Business Partner of the Year in the Americas for 2011

FileMaker Excellence Award recognizes FullCity Consulting

RED HOOK, New York –August 15, 2011– FullCity Consulting, a technology company based here, has been named the FileMaker Business Alliance’s Business Partner of the Year in the Americas for 2011, the first company to be awarded the title twice – first in 2007 and again this year. Each year, FileMaker honors selected FileMaker Pro Business Alliance Members who have made a significant difference in their database technology market.

Keith Robinson and Adam Aronson

Keith Robinson, Vice President of Americas Sales for FileMaker Inc., and Adam Aronson, President and Founder of FullCity Consulting, at FileMaker DevCon 2011

“FullCity Consulting has all the professional attributes we love to see in our partners,” said Keith Robinson, Vice President of Americas Sales for FileMaker, Inc, “Not only do they run a successful business, but they are very dedicated to the success of the FileMaker community.”

Adam Aronson, President of FullCity Consulting, also won the “FileMaker Mad Dog Public Relations” award for his efforts in promoting FileMaker Go, a mobile version of FileMaker, through Apple stores to gain more awareness of the features and quality of the software. FileMaker allows developers to create and maintain powerful databases for a relatively minor investment, which is important at a time where cost cutting is essential for small businesses trying to turn a profit. FullCity’s ongoing mission is to push the iPhone and iPad applications nationwide.

Aronson has fostered a strong FileMaker community in the northeast by coordinating and hosting three FileMaker groups including the New Jersey FileMaker Pro User’s Group, the Upstate New York FileMaker Developers Group, and the Central New York FileMaker Developer Group bringing professionals together to encourage knowledge and expertise on the FileMaker Pro database platform.

The FileMaker Business Alliance is for organizations seeking sales and marketing support from FileMaker. Of the organizations who use FileMaker Pro, only 41 in the Americas, including FullCity Consulting, have been chosen to be Platinum Members. This distinction signifies the company’s commitment to widening the software’s usage and providing clients with a seamless integration into using it in their daily operations.

“The fact that we won this award twice says a lot about FileMaker’s confidence in us,” said Aronson, “Though our company has grown since the first time we won, we’ve remained consistent in our approach and will continue to do so in the future.”

About FullCity Consulting

FullCity Consulting is a technology company based in Red Hook, NY, which utilizes FileMaker and other platforms to implement and maintain consistent, effective and simple systems for businesses to use. They offer database design and development services, web integration, workflow analysis, consulting and staff training to ensure optimal productivity. For more information, call 845-758-1360 or visit fullcityconsulting.com

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