Our Proven Filemaker Development Process Ensures Your Project is Delivered On-Time and On-Budget.

FullCity Consulting is client-centered and focused on providing the highest-level of service. How do we stay on task? By adhering to our development process:

Be a trusted advisor.

Think of us as dedicated members of your business team. Our job is to provide you with expertise and honest counsel for developing the most effective data management solutions for your staff, system capabilities and budget.

Discover needs and requirements.

First we determine what your team needs to improve work flow, functionality and productivity. We develop a solution that solves your problems or increases efficiency. Together we will determine which departments should be involved as collaborators and testers.

Communicate early and often.

As you educate us about your business operations, we develop solutions to improve efficiency, functionality and profitability. Our collaborative exchange of expertise is a critical component of what ultimately helps make your business software rich and effective.

Deliver working software.

We deliver working software prototypes and develop an incremental solution to test a function. You conduct an acceptance test and give us a quality review. We fine-tune as needed.

Continuous integration.

Before the next sequence is tested, we integrate all approved features and functions into our development “build.” By using proof of concept feedback loops throughout the process, we guarantee the solution will work for you from the day it is delivered.

Welcome change requirements.

Small release software usually discovers unanticipated strategies for improving business. Building on our in-depth knowledge of your business workflow, FullCity Consulting will search out these strategies to optimize your results. We strive to create solutions flexible enough to implement targeted changes, even late in the development process.

Our Standards
– We meet with you regularly, in person or by phone.

– We respond to your emails within 24 hours; your phone calls within hours.

– You will receive regular updates on the project’s budget and can make adjustments to best suit your needs.

– We are agile-minded, quickly implementing and turning around changes while managing budgets throughout the process.

“Get the habit of analysis- analysis will in time enable synthesis to become your habit of mind.”
-Frank Lloyd Wright

“The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order.”
-Alfred North Whitehead