NJFMPUG January Meeting: FileMaker Go Case Studies

The New Jersey FileMaker Pro User Group’s January 25, 2012 meeting was held at Essex Computers in Paramus. Adam Aronson, Certified FileMaker Developer and President & Founder of FullCity Consulting, lead a group discussion of Business Productivity Case Studies for the Apple iPad.

Adam reviewed real-life solutions developed by FullCity Consulting for clients. Each project
demonstrates special reasons and technical considerations related to mobile computing using FileMaker Go.

The first example was designed for a small firm dealing in mineral specimens. Although the hosted database can be accessed via FileMaker Pro, the structure and interface have been designed to provide iOS access using a local file. Image files, which are used extensively to illustrate the beauty of the collection, are stored within the primary file to enable access on the iPad when the company president is traveling to remote locations.

The second system makes extensive use of SeedCode’s GoZync. This solution provides limited client data to seasonal workers, allowing them to enter the details of services performed, while on-site at customer locations. It also makes use of a “remote kill” option to ensure data is no longer available if an employee absconds with an iPad, as well as Mobile Device Management (MDM) techniques to prevent unintended (e.g., game-playing) use of the equipment.

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