New Work Life Conference Announced for Consultants and Entrepreneurs – Find Your Moose 2015

FullCity’s President and Founder Adam Aronson will be facilitating two different panels at the innaugural Find Your Moose Conference in Chicago this October.

“Concurrent Creative Endeavors”
As someone who values not letting to much vocation get in the way of his avocation Adam will moderate a panel conversation around how to find a balance between being a consultant and an artist.

“Project Management Tools & Techniques”
I think this one is fairly self explanatory. How do we do what we do and what tools do we employ?

Keep reading for a brief FAQ about the conference. Hope to see you in Chicago this October!


Find Your Moose 2015—a brand new, 2-day work life conference designed to help attendees find the balance required to enjoy life as successful entrepreneurs.


October 28 & 29, 2015


The newly established, 17th floor conference center at East-West University in downtown Chicago, IL.

For Who

FileMaker developers, technical leads, project managers, and business owners.

But Why?

You likely have no problem doing most of what you do with your work, yet there are challenges that get in your way, cause you stress, and prevent you from truly enjoying what you do. The solutions to these challenges seem like they should be easy to see and implement, but they elude you! Those solutions are your “elusive moose” and we’re here to help you find them.

With over 15 sessions and panels, topics covered will include work life balance; optimizing sales and marketing; effective time and project management; networking; managing personal and business finances, reducing stress, aligning personal and work cultures, and more. Visit the Find Your Moose website for detailed session descriptions and speaker profiles.

How Much?

Early bird registration is open through August 31st with a $100 savings discount. Register and learn more (including what this whole “moose” thing means) at

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