FullCity Consulting wins the 2007 FBA Business Partner of the Year in the Americas

FileMaker Developers Conference, August 6th, 2007

Each year, FileMaker, Inc. has the distinct pleasure of recognizing FileMaker Business Alliance partners that have demonstrated an impressive level of professionalism and creativity in using FileMaker to deliver excellence to their customers.

Today, we have more than 1200 FBA members worldwide who are FileMaker consultants, solution providers, plug-in developers, trainers, and hosting companies who service a multitude of industries. Based on a combination of their domain expertise in various vertical markets and/or in-depth technical capabilities, these business partners offer custom and packaged FileMaker solutions and products that enable users to make more insightful decisions. Through the FileMaker Excellence Awards, FileMaker acknowledges the businesses that have achieved outstanding overall sales achievement, delivered customer-centric service, expanded the platform by their continued evangelism and commitment to the FileMaker community, and offered superior performance within key geographies and specific markets.

Over 10 years in business building FileMaker solutions, this company has demonstrated extreme professionalism and flexibility in the most difficult environments. Our sales representatives have been able to invite this company into large accounts without hesitation. Catering to diverse users, departments and industries, they have been able to expand the use of FileMaker in large organizations by not only building solid business solutions with FileMaker but also taking on an advisory role and offering training, making the FileMaker experience a positive one. We are pleased to present the FBA Business Partner of the Year in the Americas to FullCity Consulting, Inc.

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