FullCity Consulting Achieves Apple MTC Designation to Provide Expert Enterprise Integration of Apple’s Mobile Devices

In response to the growing demand for the integration and expansion of Apple technology, especially Apple’s mobile devices, FullCity Consulting is one of the first FileMaker consulting companies to complete the newly available Apple Mobility Technical Competency. This MTC designation and membership in the Apple Consultants Network allows FullCity Consulting to provide expert advisement, management and support to their clients who are deploying iOS mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in a professional enterprise setting.

FileMaker Go Enterprise IntegrationThe Mobility Technical Competency is designed to certify that consultants have the necessary knowledge of the Apple mobile platform so they can make valuable recommendations to their business clients who are integrating mobile devices into an enterprise environment.

A key aspect of mobile integration for businesses to be mindful of is security, including the ability to control what people can do with the device, protect all of their data, and remotely wipe the device if necessary. FullCity Consulting continues to expand their expertise in iOS security with the new MTC designation, which is especially useful for the growing number of their clients utilizing the FileMaker Go software. FileMaker Go is arguably one of the best iPad and iPhone business data apps, allowing you to take all of your important FileMaker Pro data with you.

“FileMaker Go offers the flexibility of FileMaker on an iOS device and it’s important when bringing those devices into a business environment that you protect your data”, says Jonathan Sherry, Senior Analyst and Systems Engineer at FullCity Consulting and Apple Certified Technical Coordinator. “The iOS platform is a very open, standards-based secure platform, and with the MTC Certification we can help our clients take even greater advantage of those security protocols.”

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