What I’ve been waiting for in FileMaker 12

It’s here and boy does it look great!

With today’s launch of FileMaker 12, I’ve compiled a brief list of new features and highlights that I’ve been really excited to share with our customers. I think you’ll agree that they are really cool!

New Interface Design

FileMaker 12 has a completely new design surface (based on CSS!) and tool set that will make it easier than ever to develop modern looking solutions. As a jump start in that direction FileMaker 12 includes 40 custom themes that you can apply to your existing FileMaker solutions once they are opened in FileMaker 12.

Within this new FileMaker version I now have the ability to create attractive and functional interfaces with tools that most everyone is already familiar with. Here are some new capabilities I love:

  • New appearance options for hover states and when items are in focus
  • Transparency control
  • Rounded corner capabilities for fields, tab panels, portals, etc.
  • Access to an unlimited color palette
  • Ability to use images as backgrounds for layouts

As we’ve all seen Apple has been setting new standards and raised the bar in UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) design with the new iOS. Likewise HTML 5 has transformed the user’s web browser experience. As a result, software user’s expectations are much higher. There is a whole new palette of interaction happening because of HTML5 and the new iOS, and the FileMaker 12 set of design tools fits very comfortably into that space.

These new tools also allow us to more easily create FileMaker solutions in accordance with user interface design concepts like those presented at last year’s DevCon by FileMaker innovators, Don Levan from Vanguard Custom Software and Ernest Koe from Proof Group (we can’t wait to see what those guys have in store for us this year).

Our team is super excited about this release. If there was ever a time when a customer should consider reinvesting in and modernizing their FileMaker business solutions this new design surface gives us a compelling reason to refresh!

FileMaker Go for 12 is here… and it’s FREE!

Along with FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go is getting a version 12 update. One super big announcement is that FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad will now be available as a free download from the Apple App Store. Just like Acrobat Reader is a free download for easy collaboration of PDF files, FileMaker Go is now going to be free for iPhone and iPad users of FileMaker Pro. Now everyone is going to be able to access their FileMaker files that are shared on their server or emailed to them by a colleague!

Additionally, FileMaker Go 12 will provide the storage of audio and video, captured via your iPhone or iPad, within container fields (more about those later) in your FileMaker database. Customers who want to capture dictation in the field, press events, interviews and more can now do so easily and store everything in one place in their database. Nothing tells a story better than a video.

And, those great themes discussed earlier within FileMaker Pro… Yep, there are some specifically made to work in FileMaker Go!

Increased Charting Functionality

FileMaker 12’s redesigned charting experience that has raised the bar on charting (Excel, are you listening?).

Whereas charting in FileMaker 11 was a step forward in FileMaker 12 the Chart Setup tool features live WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) previews so you know what you’re chart will look like when you pull the trigger (or press the “OK” button). Users can preview and customize the look and feel of their charts easily with greater detail. Additionally, new chart types, beneficial for statistical analysis, are available including stacked bar, scatter graphs and positive/negative column.

Take the Chart Tool for a spin… you’ll see your data in a whole new way!

A New 64-Bit Server

FileMaker Server has now moved to 64-bit modern server architecture, allowing it access to more memory resources (and as a result more breathing room) for those complex systems with many concurrent connections. Also, our customers with an “IT friendly” infrastructure will appreciate the jump to 64-bit as many servers in managed data centers are currently running 64-bit operating systems.

This new server architecture design also allows the server to run more efficiently. In our early testing, we’re seeing a substantial improvement in WAN performance. This is great news for FileMaker Go users.

Ok, there’s more…

New Container field remote storage options allow for effortless sharing of stored documents – regardless of platform! And now you can easily drag and drop files in and out of containers.

FileMaker Server can now progressively backup your files for you by only backing up changed data.

FileMaker’s Web Publishing Engine performance has been boosted for PHP and XML publishing.

Our staff is ready today to discuss the value proposition offered by all of these new features. As we “speak”, we’re converting our own in-house systems over and boy do they look GREAT! Stay tuned or contact us for more information on how to put FileMaker 12 to work for you today!

Adam Aronson
FullCity Consulting Inc.
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2007 & 2011 FileMaker Business Partner of The Year
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