The Greatest Tip Ever Told

Maybe there’s a touch of hyperbole in that title. More apt might be “(One of) The Greatest (FileMaker Pro Advanced) Tip(s) Ever Told.” It’s not the kind of tip that will help you corner the rice market or find eternal happiness, but if you use FileMaker Pro Advanced (FMPA), it will make development and debugging a but less tedious.

One of the perks of using FMPA is the Data Viewer– a window that, when invoked, floats above all you other windows and shows you the values in all the fields and variables used by the currently executing script. Those appear in the Current tab, but there’s also a Watch tab and it’s there you can put whatever you want. Typically, the Watch tab is used as a sandbox for trying out new calculations or debugging existing ones. But there is information, generally accessible via Get () functions, that is useful regardless of what database you’re currently using.

Calculations entered into the Watch tab of the Data Viewer are not tied to any given database and should persist at least until your next FileMaker upgrade. So in the screenshot below, you’ll find my suggestions for some useful calcs to keep in your Data Viewer at all times. These are things you I find particularly useful to know when developing and debugging in someone else’s systems. Hope you find these helpful too.

FileMaker Pro Advanced Data Viewer

To invoke the Data Viewer you must have a copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced. Go to Tools > Data Viewer to show or hide it.

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