Draw On Your FileMaker Documents & Photos? Yes You Can!

Due to the broad range of applications for FileMaker Go, our team at FullCity Consulting is always looking to develop and expand the capabilities of the software for our clients to satisfy their business needs. One very popular client request is the ability to draw and markup images stored in FileMaker while they are out of the office with their iPad or iPhone. Therefore, we were very pleased to see Geist Interactive launch the brand-new Go Draw, a drawing extension of FileMaker Go.

Go Draw allows users to draw on photos and documents stored in a FileMaker database quickly and easily by using their fingers or a stylus. These drawings are then saved within the database, which can be accessed later and treated like any normal FileMaker file including the ability to save as a PDF, email and print.

“The nature of using an iPad or iPhone for ‘in the field’ data collection begs for this type of solution” notes Adam Aronson, President of FullCity Consulting, “The extension is easy to ‘bolt on’ to FileMaker Go and opens the door to even more powerful solutions for our clients. It appeals to all types of users from field service technicians to creative professionals to land surveyors”.

Go Draw at Work

Boosting Signature Capture: With the rollout of the newest features in FileMaker Go 1.2, customers are able to capture signatures on the iPhone and iPad with Signature Capture to help manage contracts and invoices or track deliveries. The initial version of Signature Capture had limited results, but with Go Draw the control is now much more advanced.

Location Mapping: Users can now take a map image such as a Google satellite map view and draw right on the map and send it out to the customer save it to the database for later. This can be particularly useful for providing directions, site surveying and more.

Remote Data Capture: With Go Draw it’s now possible for users to take a picture of anything they are looking at on-site, mark it up with notes and send it back to the office. This is great for creating work orders and on-site estimations. Users can take a picture of a site, such as a contractor’s renovation project site, itemize what can or can’t be done within the project scope and provide documentation; thus making a clear, accurate estimate easily, while protecting themselves at the same time.

A Note on the Developers of Go Draw

Geist Interactive makes software for small businesses, organizations and individuals including the very best in FileMaker Pro tools. “Todd Geist is a master at thinking both inside and outside the FileMaker world and more importantly how to bring the two worlds together – taking technologies that are peripheral to FileMaker developers and putting them within view. He’s done unnatural acts with the FileMaker web viewer by leveraging HTML 5 and JavaScript,” says Adam. “A number of northeast FileMaker user groups are actively petitioning him to make a trip out here for the spring so stay tuned!”

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