FileMaker Go for the iPad/iPhone has arrived!

Use an iPad or iPhone? Have we got news for you!

FileMaker GoFileMaker Go is now available from the Apple Store for iPad ($39.99) and iPhone ($19.99).

This incredible app lets you easily view, edit and search your FileMaker database as you travel, go on appointments or check on the office from home.

Open your database—it just works! Most solutions are supported with no modifications!
Directly open hosted FileMaker Pro databases from your FileMaker Server.
Easily transfer your FileMaker files to your device using iTunes or email.
Existing layouts look the same—Portals, Tab Controls, Web Viewers, External SQL Data Sources.
Gesture away! Pinch, swipe, tap and double-tap controls and menus.
Conveniently open more than one database in multiple windows.
Call and schedule a consultation with us at (845) 758-1360 to discuss how the new FileMaker Go features can extend your database solution’s reach and improve your organization’s productivity—both in the office and on the go!
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